Friday, July 31, 2009

levi's circus.

my little levi celebrated his first birthday!! HARD to believe how fast this year has passed by. he is such a loveable, crazy, adorable, boy all rolled in to one. we celebrated with a circus party and had a wild time "levi style."

taylor was in charge of taking pictures at the photobooth

the invitation


amy elise said...

that was the best party ever. i was waiting for you to put these pictures up. i love yoU!!

brooke said...

You don't do anything halfway. I'm so impressed. Levi is such a darling little boy and looks like he had a darling party!

Kaymee said...

VERY cute Jennie!! You are soooooo creative!!! Do you teach classes ? :) (i'm serious though)

Jek said...

All I can say is "DID I REALLY HAVE TO MISS THAT?" That looked like it was so fun!! i need to email you back about your email.

Celeste said...

I need to come live at your house! usual!

nyclizzie said...

Hi Jennie!
Can you tell me a good site to get free fonts? I'm doing some cute invitations and wanted a little zing more than what my mac is offering me.
One very big fan,