Monday, July 20, 2009

happy bday daddy-o.

in honor of my pop's 55 birthday, let me tell you a story about the "pinky test":

being from a family of 5 girls, we were teased incessantly by my crazy father about boys. amongst the teasing at the dinner table, in order to make it stop, we would fake that we were crying, we would scream at the top of our lungs, or maybe throw a tantrum and kick holes into the wall. However, nothing seemed to work. The harder we resisted, the harder dad teased. One of his methods was the ever dreaded "pinky test." Now I know what you are thinking, what in the world is a pinky test? To the outside world, it sounds silly, but this was one serious test. No one could come to our house too many times with out undergoing a pinky test.

Here is how the "pinky test" works:

Dad: Now Jennie, I hear you are a little sweet on this cute little blonde boy in your class.

Jennie: EEW! I don't like boys dad!!

Dad: Are you sure? What about little Zacky Gubler? You sure you aren't a little sweet on him?

Jennie: NO! (while screaming and plugging my ears)

Dad: I see. Well, I will believe you if you can pass the pinky test. (Pulling he hand out of his pocket) This is a simple test Jennie, all you have to do is watch my little pinky wave up and down with out smiling and you pass the test.

Jennie: That's so dumb dad, it doesn't even make sense. .... Fine! Just do it!

Dad: (Performs the pinky test)

Jennie: (Laughs uncontrollably and fails every time)

This test continually goes on, of course now the grand kids are dealing with it. I was teased about "Zacky Gubler," Amy was teased about "Mitchell Jolley," (actually Mitch has his own song that dad would sing at dinner and I can still remember it, it was to the tune of the mickey mouse song), and poor Leah was teased about Johnny G.

Not many have ever passed the "pinky test." It's harder than the SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT put together.

Thank for the torture dad.

we are working on a special birthday rap song and this cake for the birthday bash.

happy birthday pops.

picture of dad doing his "Elvis" impersonation, he is also really good at Kermit the Frog.


brooke said...

Your dad sounds like a riot. I already think your dad is awesome since I read about how he reacted to you driving through your friend's house with the car. My dad was sooo not like that. Happy Birthday to him and I'm going to start using the pinky test.

Jennifer Richins said...

Ha Ha! I like the pinky test. My grandma had the mayonaise test. You had to say mayonaise and if you couldn't say it with a straight face you were apparently lying!