Monday, July 13, 2009

cjanes honorable mention and downtown vegas.

jackson and e.j. made it onto the ever famous cjane's blog
as an honorable mention winner for their picture at Stadium of Fire. i'm honored. And even though we didn't win, i think we will be heading to Provo to visit Rooster before the summer is over. thanks cjane. next stop is the cover of people magazine. (o.k., I took it too far.)

On a different note, I took Amy and Taylor to the craziness of downtown las vegas for a mini photo shoot. quite the models those two are. amy is beyond gorgeous obviously. and I have decided we are shaving taylor's head, getting her braces, and sticking her in some overalls, cause she's way too cute for her own good.

While me and Tay were in the car, we snapped this picture. We should have gotten out and asked for a picture with them, but we missed our opportunity. You never know what you might see in down town vegas.


jill said...

Congratulations Jennie!!! That is amazing!! I agree with CJane, the picture is fabulous and the colors are beautiful! I also like the pictures of your sister and Taylor, what a talented girl you are! Pass some this way ;0)

Shelly... said...

I love CJane's blog! Congrats on the honorable mention. I am going to Provo next week for software training and I really need to make it to Rooster even though I won't have a car. Her description of that restaurant had my mouth watering. BTW, blog stalker here. I used to work with Chad and the gang at Slade. Love your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the honorable mention! The picture is gorgeous - I love the sky.

brooke said...

I agree that the Fourth of July picture is awesome. And I love the Vegas pictures. The colors are so cool. It's not fair that Taylor is that cute at that age. I was so awkward and gangly at that age. You better watch out for when she hits high school.

kristenita said...

congrats~ though IIIIIIIIIII think your photo should have won.

and the pix of amy & taylor are gorgeous. love those cool red steps! both such beauties.