Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my dancer girls.

kate with her dancing cousin Olivia

kate and taylor had their annual dance recital this past weekend. they both did wonderful. as shy as kate can be sometimes, she loves the stage and wants to know when she gets to do it again. this was taylor's 6th year with Bunker Dance, so she's a natural now and loves to perform. Taylor dances for 4 to 5 hours a week and next fall it bumps up to more hours. I love watching her be so dedicated to something she loves.

it is so surreal watching my little girls dance, seeing how i was just doing that not too long ago. i loved dancing and i still do and watching the amazing Bunker Dance concerts makes me miss it all the more. i do my best to keep dance alive in our house... the i pod is constantly going and we dance around like maniacs whenever we're home. unfortunately i think i am still 18 and hurt my self plenty, but we still have a good time(levi and jackson can get their groove on too.)

my very favorite show of all time is on now and i can hardly wait for Wednesdays to roll around so I can watch "So You Think You Can Dance." this wednesday a couple of the choreographers from taylor's studio are doing a contemporary number and after seeing some other pieces they have done, I guarantee it will be inspirational. So keep your eye out for Stacey Tookey and Paul Chu's choreography... and go get your dance on.

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amy elise said...

so... this wednesday i'm a little busy. how about we watch it together next week??? ahhhh!!! i'm coming home, and i'm SOOOOO excited to see you.