Thursday, May 28, 2009

jackson boy is 7.

my sweet jackson boy turned 7 today. lucky seven. today jackson was declared the king and we were his servants.

King Jacksons commands:

-for breakfast he decided on a "crepe cake" (lots of crepes stacked on top of each other) and a Odwalla strawberry and banana smoothie drink.

-for the treat to share with his class, he wanted Dunkin Donuts

-he demanded rootbeer in his lunch at school

-Popeye's for dinner

-and a "Donut Cake" specifically designed by Jackson himself. this one deserves it's own post, but i'm a little worn out from shooting a wedding today and it will have to wait until tomorrow.

-his birthday wishes were: a safe to lock his important things up in, a skateboard, and a marble rollercoaster game thing. thanks grama linda and grampa al for the skateboard and marble thing a-ma-jig.

- his final birthday wish was for me and chad to cuddle with him in his bed until he fell asleep.

As we were cuddling here is a bit of the conversation he and I had:

Mom: Wow, you are 7 now! Do you feel any different?

Jackson: Yes, really different.

Mom: How?

Jackson: My bones.

Mom: Your bones feel different?

Jackson: Yeah, actually my bones and my hands feel a lot bigger.

Mom: Neat, anything else.

Jackson: Can't you tell? My voice is a lot lower.

Mom: Oh yeah, I could totally tell.

wow... when did my jackson boy grow up?.....

happy birthday stud.

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