Monday, April 13, 2009


my little easter bunnies/punks were really not in the mood for pictures easter morning, but i managed to get a few. i bribed with chocolate and grama's house (mean mom, i know). my sweet levi has turned into a crazy man and can't sit still to save his life especially for a picture. you should have seen my antics as i danced around just trying to get him to look at me (it was pretty impressive). grama linda made the amazing dresses for the girls... seriously, i've got one talented momma.

easter really was a beautiful day. the weather was a perfect 75 degrees, we went to church, visited with family, enjoyed each other, and most important... remembered Him.


stacey said...

jennie your kids are adorable. probably due to the fact that amy squeals each time she looks at your blog, i am quite familiar with it. maybe one day we will meet in person! until then, it is all blog-stalking. thanks for letting me. :)

Amy said...

you have gorgeous children. i miss them. and you. china, please? yesss. have fun in mexico.

Jek said...

Delicious, everyone!!