Thursday, April 9, 2009

break to the lake.

it's spring break this week for the kiddos, so with limited funds we traveled 40 minutes to Lake Las Vegas. The Lowes Hotel has a cool slide, pools, and a beach where we could kayak and paddle boat. They were offering a "locals deal" for rooms and kids eat free. (quite a savings when you have 4 of them) everyone got a little burned, despite my sunblocking efforts. {everyone except for taylor that is, she must have some inidan ancestry somewhere in her... lucky.}

levi enjoyed his first experience with the sand and ate enough of it to fill up Newport Beach. he also had another "first" in the pool... i don't know that i have ever seen anyone enjoy water that much. he was laughing, splashing, trying to dunk his head under, and kicking his legs a million miles a second trying to swim; quite a site. chad and i were exhausted from trying to keep him alive and eventually had to pry him away from the pool.

all in all, good times were had. i love being with my little family.


brooke said...

Great pictures. I love Levi's chubby little bod. I've never heard of Lake Las Vegas-sounds fun.

Andrea said...

Great photos! I love the effects you did on the one of Chad. Looks like you guys had a great time.

MIMOM2 said...

Great pictures! I love the shot of Chad. Great job! Everyone looks terrific! How fun and you can't beat kids eat for free!