Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tay and I had our "Girl's Night Out" last night, (sounds funner than a "date"), and what can I say other than... I love this girl! Now that she is 8, we have real discussions, we have great conversation and I felt like I was enjoying the evening with one of my girlfriends. I knew what an amazing girl she was already, but after we got home and I sat and relfected on our evening, I got teary eyed realizing how blessed I am to have her. Two of my favorite things about her is that she makes me laugh, and she cares, she really cares.

We were talking about the economy and how these are difficult times. We discussed how lucky we are to have a dad/ husband who does whatever he can to take care of us and protect us. I told her how important it is to not want, want, want, but to be grateful for what we have and take care of what we have. She got a little smile on her face and said, "Well, I guess that's the good thing about staying short, I'm not growing out of my clothes or shoes, so we may never have to by new ones." Then she chuckled and said, "It's really not that bad being so little. I usually get to be in the front row in dance."

We went to get her ears pierced... again. (they closed up after the last time) and had a bite to eat at Nordstrom cafe. I enjoyed every minute with her. Then, when we got home, I let her stay up and watch American Idol with me. She told me, "When I'm on American Idol, I am going to make sure I make better song choices."

As I tucked her in bed she said, "Thanks mom. I don't know what it is, but I feel all warm and tingly inside."

"Me too Tay," I said.


Jek said...

She is such a doll. ANd she is soo sweet. I remember when she was born. She was such a beautiful baby.

Grama Linda said...

OK I just got all teary eyed. I love Miss TayTay more than words could ever express...thinking of HER makes me all warm and tingly inside!!! I am so lucky to be her Grama. XOXOXO