Monday, March 16, 2009

freaky friday, friends, family.

we had a fun-filled friday loaded with fabulous "freaky friends" for friday the 13th. taylor and jackson both did a great job on their report cards, and taylor passed all her multiplication timed tests, so a celebration was in order. thanks to all you little freaks for a fantastic friday.
(how'd you like all that alliteration... pretty fancy huh.)

i finally got a picture of my newest niece, olive jane, isn't she a doll.

kate had her "princess cousin" over for a sleepover, and she relished every second.

levi put on his first pair of swim trunks for a family BBQ. he never swam, but aren't those rolls scrumptious.

now that nothing was done over the weekend, i have loads of laundry, messes to clean, and kate's sick... so it's time for "manic monday." wish me luck.

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brooke said...

Levi in the swimsuit is the cutest thing ever.