Tuesday, February 24, 2009

dessert soiree.

angie hosted a fabulous "dessert soiree" in honor of her 35th birthday. it was complete with decadent desserts, great conversation, a give away of her favorite things, (i got a book of her favorite recipes... yes!) and everyone left with personalized stationery from her coveted stationery line. really... i'm just glad to have such a classy, talented, tasteful, huge-hearted, oozing with style friend. thanks for the fun, birthday girl!

as if you aren't envious already... here are a couple pictures of her home to covet.


Andrea said...

UGH! I am so bummed I missed it! Looks like it was super fun! Happy to A!

Amy said...

I'm coveting so many things. #1 The smell of a clean kitchen. #2 Good tasting chocolate. Both are foreign to me now. Glad you had fun.