Friday, February 27, 2009

come back?

Since my baby sisters were little, i brainwashed them daily by telling them,

"Wait until you are at least 23 years old to get married, travel the world, and 'Schlauder Power Forever'."

I think the brainwashing may have worked a little too well. Amy is off in Taiwan (after already visiting probably 50 different countries previously), and Ally is in Spain seeing things first hand that I spent my college experience reading about in books.

I am glad they are having a good time and all, but I think you two can come back now.

I call them baby sisters, but I think they are deserving of a new title. Not only is Amy 7 inches taller and Ally 2 inches taller than me, but they have been "huge" in what I have learned from them.

I have never been more grateful to have these "big" sisters. They are who I want to be like when I grow up, who I aspire to be like every day.

Not Amy nor Ally could ever judge anyone. It is just not in them, it doesn't exist, it's not what they are about. They are about pure love. You will not see them gossiping, backbiting, being jealous, or other petty girly things... you just won't. Ever.

They love me for me and make me a better person. That's why I love them. On days when I feel trampled on by others who make me feel that everything I do isn't good enough, I think of my sister's. I am reminded to only surround myself with people like them.

I am inspired and enlighted when I talk to them and when I hear of their adventures. The light and joy surrounding them is contagious and is unbelievably refreshing. Negativy doesn't exist, just pure happiness.

These are 2 of my sisters. 2 blood-best friends that I will always be there for and that will always be there for me. It's a good feeling.

O.K. guys... now come home.


Grama Linda said...

I'm with you Jen...A&A it's time to come home!! We all miss you two around here!!!!!
I love you Jennie and I am so grateful for are amazing inside and out... XOXO

Amy said...

Do you have any idea just how awesome you are? Doubt it.

Let's plan a sisters' trip together. You pick the destination. I'm open to... anywhere.

Love you.

Ally Kay said...

Let's get you out here to Spain! Come get me and then let's take a pit stop in Taiwan to visit Roonie:). You rock, Jen. I love you sista... Cuz Schlauder girls got ... attitude. That sounds dorky in writing. Just picture me as an 8 year old saying it and that'll sound better. I love you!

Jek said...