Friday, January 16, 2009


i'm glad nie is back.

i watched the "miracle" over and over. 

read this great piece.  a must read.   (thought of amy when i read it) 

signed up for skype so i can talk to my sisters in spain and taiwan

looked around at all there is to do around the house. and didn't want to face it.

took a spin class.... which just may have altered my "lower area" FOREVER. ouch! 

had the neighborhood kids over... then sent them all outside:) 

finally unpacked our closet. found clothes i had completely forgotten about.

then i was mad that they still don't fit; so i went and had a piece of cookie dough. 

ate too much. 

now.  we are off to eat with the fam. ( i don't cook on fridays. period.) 

then. i will put the kids to bed and chadly and i will watch a movie.

a day in the life of me.  

with no fluff. 

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Amy said...

So. I found that blog you mentioned on cjane's a few days ago. I love it, and I've read and reread that post 10 times. Thank you for thinking of me. I don't feel worthy.