Friday, January 9, 2009

big boy.

at the rate my little levi is growing up, it will a month before he is 6ft. 5in. 220 pound man.

levi's latest milestones:
-rolling (back to stomach)
-sticking his little but in the air and trying to scoot forward
-releases enough drool daily to fill a sink bath tub
-laughs at diaper changes
-laughs when his clothes get changed
-laughs when he sees anyone
-cry's when they leave
-grabs my hoop earrings out a few hundred times a day (and then eats them)
-pulls taylor's hair (and eats it)
-enjoys eating his fist and sucking his fingers
-enjoys ripping up, crumpling, then eating paper
-loves to "foot clap" an amazing talent
-lost his dark head of hair and now its turning blonde
-carries on full conversations with all of us
- 21 pounds large

We love our little "501"..... (thanks sheri for the nickname:)


Kristin said...

Jennie, love the picture, quick do you post such big pictures. do you change it in html or it there a setting you can change so your pictures are bigger?

kristenita said...

happy 6months, levi!
he is so adorable, jennie!!

Amy said...

He sounds just like my "type." Love you, Little Levi!! Don't forget about me.

Ally Kay said...

Aw. I miss you guys. Love you, Jen.