Friday, December 12, 2008

beautiful pit fat.

i have enjoyed watching my beautiful baby girl this week show off her talents. (okay, she's not really a baby anymore) i am continually amazed at her ability to stand in front of a large group of people with no nerves, no reservations, and just do her thing. i love her confidence, it makes me feel like i have done something right...for a moment...

because then today as she was getting ready for dance and says to me "look, i have 'pit fat'" i felt like a failure. "pit fat??," i said, what is "pit fat?" she went on to tell me that it's the little bit of skin by her armpit where the leotard is. Okay, i have never even heard that before, let alone said it, however i have been caught on numerous occasions saying, "look at my fat butt," and telling chad to look at how loose the skin on my stomach is since Baby #4 as i pinch the rolls. silly, silly, silly.

i have come to the realization that the only way to keep taylor confident and not worrying about some insignificant "pit fat" is to stop bullying myself. not easy, but for the sake of my beautiful daughter, i am going to strive to be tolerant of my many physical imperfections and just... let it go.

crap. i just looked at my stomach hanging over my pants....

let's try this again. mission: "who cares if i'm not perfect." starting.... now.

let's wrap up this strange post. taylor's talented with perfect pits and i'm beautiful and skinny.



Anonymous said...

Yes, you are beautiful and skinny! Great post.

Jek said...

Ditto Amy's comment!! Don't be hard on yourself. Everyone is in awe of you my dear!!!!