Wednesday, December 10, 2008


my sister amy is in germany.... and to say the least, I am very jealous. she said that the towns are decked out in Christmas and that the shops are amazing. check out the picture from one little store... i told her to bring me home one of everything. next time i'm hiding in the suitcase.

oh... and she made the newspaper. translated the headline says,"Ivan is happy because Amy is finally in Moers." funny.


It's All in My Head! said...

I've got a place for you to stay anytime! Although make it before summer...we are on the move again!

I recognize all that stuff in the store...they are all over. It's Kathy Wohlfahrt stuff. She has a few stores over Germany and I am near a few. If you ever see something you can't live without...let me know! I'm your hook up!

By the way, the little people in the store are called Smokers...probably what she is known best for. You put an incense inside them and the smoke comes out their little open O mouths. They are cute!

Oh and the paper made me laugh. The Germans write about everything...especially their sports!

Jek said...

I loved this post. Germany is definitely one of our favorite European countries. You would just DIE at the beauty. It is unreal. I swear I have been to that exact square that that man is walking in. Dreamy. Jason's distant relative works at that Kathy store and you would just die if you walked in there. I LOVE GERMANY! Don't paint your kitchen cabinets and go there! We have one of the smokers too, we wish we would have bought an authentic cookoo clock! BUt you know me, it had to match the decor.:(