Monday, December 15, 2008

to the city.

for december 12th, the box said "a special night to the city"... so that's what we did.

our kids name for "the strip" is "the city" which i don't correct for them. ("the strip" just doesn't sound good.) they also call the houses in the cul-de-sac where a lot of their friends are "downtown" and i don't correct that either. (a much funner name than cul-de-sac).

anyways... we went to "the city" and despite the 5 gazillion stares, (actually Taylor counted and there was only 34) we had a fabulous time. first stop was the bellagio gardens, then the fountains, then a walk amongst tourists wondering why we would bring 4 children on the strip on a Friday night to the Mirage to watch the volcanoes, then onto the Caesar's Palace and the forum where we had some dessert at the cheesecake factory.

highlights of our "trip":

jackson saying: "i can't believe they got all of these lights up so fast for christmas"(really it was just the everyday vegas lights they never see)

taylor's reaction when we saw the replica of the "DAVID" statue at Caesars Palace: "is that a naked guy? that's wierd. that's kinda gross." (all while laughing hysterically)

kate: "we got to california really fast"

now you know how often our children visit the strip...

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