Sunday, September 21, 2008

action jackson.

jackson scored his first goal saturday and we were all going crazy on the sidelines watching it happen. the smile on his face after the score was enormous, but it quickly left because he didn't want any one thinking that this sort of thing didn't happen all of the time. (he has a reputation to uphold for being "super cool.")

--here is last week's conversation and the possible reason for the goal...

jackson: mom, you see that cloud in the sky with the light shining through it?

me: yes.

jackson: yeah, that's Jesus telling me something.

me: really? what is He telling you?

jackson: He is telling me to "play more soccer jackson, play more soccer." so i'm going to listen.

i love this boy.


Jek said...

what a doll. He is precious!!

Amy Jones said...

That's right He's telling you somethun thru those clouds! Play on, Donkey Kong!