Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back to school.

I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up. I have a 3rd grader? What?! I was so proud of them as they walked right into their new classrooms in a new school with so much confidence. I know they must have been nervous, but they came through like champs. Levi had a hard realization that he isn't the only child and he may have to cry a bit more than he is used to in order for everyone to get out the door. He also found a new home... the car seat. What a hard knock life for a newborn. Kate and I celebrated the "back to school" day with Krista for lunch, and she enjoyed having me "mostly" to herself again. And so the craziness begins.... tap, ballet, jazz, singing, soccer practices, games, preschool, the car, homework, and the car.... I can't believe that I am actually looking forward to it, but I am.


Cedar Roots said...

I linked to your blog from someone, I can't remember now, but I wanted to comment because I love your scrap booking style. So simple but creative and well stated. I don't know you, but if you don't mind I will stop by occasionally to check out your great layouts! Do you always order books online, or do you ever print individual pages? Your kids are darling, hopefully I will get some pages going soon-I just had a little boy baby too, but I am still getting organized, you are motivating me. Have a great day!

JENNIE! said...

cedar roots... Thank you! I love digital scrapbooking, it makes life much easier and much cleaner:) I print individual pages all of the time and put them into a normal scrapbook binder right away. Sometimes I print 8 x 8's for my kids albums and mine and now I have started printing 12 x 12's for the family album and then 8 x 8's of the same layout for the kid's album (if it's about them). I always get them printed at costco, they do a great job. Have fun with your baby boy!