Monday, April 14, 2008

kate's 3 today!

Our sweet princess Kate turned 3 today! She has been telling everyone she is 6 (sometimes 7) for the past year, so it was a little difficult convincing her that she is 3. Kate is such a bundle of joy, silliness, grouchiness, princessesness, maturity, and sweetness all rolled into one and she lights up our home with smiles and laughter. Her is a list of some of her favorites at 3- years-old (so that I have it documented)...

Favorite Food: Pizza, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, turkey (she never has a problem eating)
Favorite Movie: Aladdin
Favorite Princess: Jasmine
Favorite Item: her blanky
Favorite Activity: Dance Class
Favorite Home Activity: reading books, coloring, playing princesses, playing kitchen
Favorite Book: Any princess book
Favorite Song to Sing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Favorite Place: Disneyland
Favorite Ice Cream: Pink...

I love you Katie Pie!! Happy Birthday! I hope you always remember what a beautiful princess you are!

We had a princess birthday bash for kate... pictures to be posted later...


suzy said...

We were sad to miss the party! Tell Kate Happy Birthday from this Kate! :)

Jek said...

That was so so so fun!! Thanks for letting us come. Alexis absolutely loved. I can't wait to show her the pics when you post them!