Monday, February 4, 2008

valentines day love.

love, love, love valentines day.... it's sweet, cute, chocolatey, yummy, and all about love. Here are some crafts and goodies I am hoping to try for one of my favorite holidays.

Felt Fortune Cookies
Valentine Flowers
Paper-cut Hearts
Recycled Egg Carton Heart (we've almost finished this one:))
Homemade Oreos
Red Velvet Cupcakes


Lynds said...

Jennie, those cupcakes looks so good. I might have to try to make those. I always get great ideas coming to your blog:) Hope you are feeling well. You'll let us all know when you find out what you are having, right? :) Hope everything is going well.

Lynds said...

Those cupcakes look so good! I love coming to your blog for cool ideas. Hope your feeling well, and that this pregnancy is going well.

jaclyn said...

hey... found your cute blog through tiffany,i want to make those fortune cookies.. where did you get the idea, when i click on it,it won't take me anywhere.. does this make sense?

JENNIE! said...

Thanks for the heads up Jaclyn. I fixed the link... but the fortune cookies are from martha stewart. Have fun!

Tiffany Averett said...

Hi Jennie,

Thanks for posting these cute Valentines ideas. I want to make the fortune cookies, they are so cute! I knew Jaclyn would love your blog, she's super artsy and crafty like you. Glad she found you.

Anonymous said...

hey j,
okay- i saw the egg carton heart thingies. they are really cool. do ya think J-purv would want to do these? sheri

Kaymee said...

You seriously always have the sutest ideas!! Thanks!! Also, Jenna loves playing with Kate!!