Friday, February 29, 2008

kids creations.

i love how little minds work. here are a few creations from the kiddos this week.

taylor decorated a wall in her room, and shared her love for us...

jackson created these "machines" from legos. (no picture or instructions needed...:).
he also planned and escape route in case of a fire.

kate threw a ball for her princesses and set a table for 4 in her doll house.


Robyn & Aaron said...

It's Robyn (Tobiasson) Powell! I am friends with Taeya and was just browsing to see if I knew anyone. I love seeing your cute kids and how great life is for you. It is so wild that you are pregnant with your 4th! That is so exciting. I'm so glad life is going so well for you.
I just got married in January and it was good to see your folks. We have a blog now. It is I'm so glad that I found you!

Travis and Lindsey said...

I love how creative your kids are! very cute!!!