Sunday, November 18, 2007

last minute...

The show was as fun as ever, and we had a great turn out. I always look forward to the conversation with such creative, and talented women. Check out Andrea's blog for pics.
Check out one of my purchases.... so adorable.

So on a last minute whim, I took the kids to Provo to see Amy's last home volleyball game. (Chad was on another bike race... no comment:) We left at 8:30 am on Saturday, watched the game and then drove home the next morning. Even though 10 hours of driving in a 30 hour span (with three children) wasn't my idea of a great time, we we're so glad we were there to see Amy in all her glory. She played so well, and although her punk coaches probably won't give her props, she definitely deserves it. Although I am sure most of you don't understand the volleyball lingo... she had 57 assists, 18 digs, and 9 blocks... (that's considered pretty freakin' awesome!) They won the match against UNLV, and it was great to be there to see it happen!

We love you AMY Roonie!! Way to go!

Kate was so exhausted from the trip that she slept through the game.
(I'm sure Amy felt her support anyways)

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