Monday, October 22, 2007

milk, wives, and costumes

Fun weekend once again... thanks to good friends and good people.

Friday: Megan planned a tour to Anderson Dairy, and Kate had a marvelous time ... especially eating the cookies and cream ice cream.
Friday Night: Andrea's world famous Halloween Party.... We had a blast as always and Andrea is such an amazing "party thrower." Here we are in our Halloween Costumes as a family from Colorado City.... If you don't recognize Chad, he's the blonde one.

Check out these bones and cake that Andrea made. So cool....

Here's Charles and Angie as Hugh, and "the bunny"... sitting next to Chad and I (sister wives...) They one for "Most Humorous," but were a close second to creepiest.... I agree!

Andrea and Scott were voted "The Coolest Costume" ... they were definitely cool, they should sport that look all the time.... especially Andrea, she looked hot!
Saturday Night: A few super nice families in our neighborhood planned a Neighborhood Halloween Party and the kids loved every second....
.... except for Kate who was terrified of the "SCARY GUY" with the mask on & was pretty much glued on Chad's leg the whole night.

Saturday "Later" Night:
Playing our favorite game with 2 of our favorite people...


suzy said...

that is the most addicting game ever!!! what fun! love the whole plig costumes!

Travis and Lindsey said...

Chad makes for a pretty hot wife! ; ) Love the costumes!!