Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh Kate...

So... here is what sweet, wonderful, angelic Kate did yesterday....
1. After a long car ride to visit Grami, Kate wanted to stay in the car to finish watching the movie that was on with her brother and sister.
2. I turned off the engine but left the battery running so they could finish the end.
3. I came inside to start making pecan bars for Book Club. (crazy story all in itself)
4. Jackson comes inside and says "Taylor is talking to a man in the car."
5. I say "What are you talking about?" as I continue working on my pecan bars and trying to figure out my new food processor.
6. Jackson tells me again and I let out a sigh, (I think it's one of his pranks) and then go to the garage.
7. Taylor is talking to the Emergency Dispatch System! He is trying to get out of her why their are three small children alone in a car with no mother... Taylor keeps telling him I am inside cooking (lovely)... and he is telling her is sending police and ambulances right away. (Maybe he thought they were abandoned... i don't know..)
8. I finally get in the car and realize what is going on. I am then lectured by some man talking through my rear-view mirror speaker telling me that I shouldn't leave my children alone in the car. (Hello, they were in the garage with it shut!! And I was five steps away in the kitchen... He didn't want to hear that though.)
9. Come to find out Jackson had unbuckled Kate from her car seat and she went exploring the buttons in the car. Evidently her favorite button with the red cross on it (The one that you push when you need help immediately)
10. Sweet, lovely, angelic.... Kate.


Kristen said...

HA HA HA. funny now that you aren't getting chewed out by the dispatchers anymore?

naughty!, at least she likes RED?!

p.s. what book did you read for book club & how were the pecan bars?

JENNIE! said...

We were supposed to read "All the Kings Men," but I never even got to it. It takes place in the South, hence the pecan bars. We also had grits, cajun shrimp, okra, cornbread and other yummy southern food. ... Suprisingly the pecan bars turned out very good amongst all the chaos!

Kristen said...

we were supposed to read 'all the kings men' in high school - but I think I only read the cliffs notes. oopsies. can't remember a thing from it anyways.