Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Grami!

It's my Grami's Birthday today!!! I have such wonderful memories with my Grami, she has been a huge part of my life. I was always so excited for summer time to come because Grami had a pool... and we used it. Grami would always make us a wonderful lunch with a cute napkin and perfectly cut up fruit, and make me and my sisters feel like princesses; when we would come inside we would change into dry clothes, cuddle up on Grami's comfy couch and watch "Days of Our Lives" while she tickled our back. It goes with out saying, Grami spoiled us like crazy! (She even spoiled our friends.) Grami would take us shopping for school outfits and ran around that mall like she owned it, she walked so fast it was hard to keep up most of the time. We would go to Dillards (which she still calls Diamonds) ,eat lunch (eating out for us was quite special) and spend hours shopping for clothes for school. What's most important about my Grami is that I know how much she loves me and I have known that from the day I was born. When I took my children to her house today to visit her for and to sing, "Happy Birthday," a happy, excited feeling came over me, just like when I was a little girl. My children felt the same. They love their great-grami and can feel how much she loves them. Happy Birthday Grami! I love you! May your next 82 years be as wonderful as the first 82.

Here's a picture of my Grami and Grampa on their wedding day... aren't they a beautiful couple...

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