Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay, for those of you out there who watch LOST...... what the heck!!!! Do you think that's real?, Does Jack really end up like that?, Who was in the casket?, Why would he want to go back?, Why didn't Charlie swim out the hole?, Who was Naomi?!!!!! What the freak is going on?! Someone help me and answer some questions... how am I supposed to wait until September?!

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Kristen said...

ok. first things first.
WHAT THE FREAK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!?! (remember that jennie? same thing can be applied to lost.)

I think it was juliette or ben in the casket. who is kate with? why isn't she in jail? WAS she preggers?
I agree, charlie shoulda swam out of the hole! or not even closed the door, it filled up slowly enough they coulda gone out and jumped in the hold they came in from. hello. and why was mikaiel able to get scuba gear on and find a grenade and get out there. what about sun & jin? does she live now that she's off the island? I hope ben rots in prison. what a freakshow. and hopefully now hurley has better luck. someone told me the show is scheduled to run until 2010, so I guess they have time to tie everything together. SOMEDAY!
I think the show should have been 4 hours instead of 2 last night because they obviously didn't have enough time to answer OUR QUESTIONS!!!

oh if you watch ER, same story. WAY TOO MANY open questions slash life and death situations!!! tv is killing me.