Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Love

My kids are so great, they gave me such wonderful cards and hugs for Mother's Day, and Taylor made me a really cool flower vase and tissue flower (I wanna make one myself now!) They even made Chad make me some eggs... what sweet kids! I have been asking for a bike for a while and Chad picked out a pink beach cruiser all by himself, I know he wished I wanted a Lance Armstrong professional bike like the rest of his possee... , but I think he cycles enough for the both of us.... I can't wait to go out riding bikes with the kiddos, me with Kate in the stroller just couldn't keep up with Tay and Jax.

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Travis and Lindsey said...

Really cute mothers day gifts, the cards and vase are priceless! And..I've wanted a beach cruiser forever so good job Chad!! You guys should come to the beach and play! Don't you usually make a trip to Newport Beach each year?