Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is basically a super hero. Super heroes have powers that others can't imagine ever having. For instance my mom can:
1. Cook an exquisite dinner for 30, have a smile while doing it, look 100% gorgeous, and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at the same time.
2. Get her five daughters to dance practice , cheerleading practice, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, piano lessons, church activities, student council meetings, and service projects with out batting an eye.
3. Support her five daughters in all their crazy endeavors: From going to Tonga and Africa on humanitarian projects, to becoming a hair dresser, to being a Lacrosse goalie, to 20 gazillion proms and dances, to service at a sketchy place, to starting 1 or 6 businesses, to being mom's themselves.
4. Make 5 girls look prim and proper by 8:30 in the morning for church.
5. Be married to a super hero hottie. (yeah, my dad is THE superman)
6. Love each one of her 7 grandkids uncontrollably
7. Take great care of her parents, and making sure they are always well fed.
8. Looks stunning and only 30 at age 51.
I could go on and on about the reasons my mom is a super hero, but just take my word for it she really is!! I Love you mom!!

Happy 51st Birthday!

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Linda Schlauder said...

You are in big trouble for using those old high school pictures!!! Just kidding...I almost forgot that I was young once!
Jennie, I love you so much...You are absolutely amazing and I am the one who is proud, lucky and so blessed to be your mother.