Monday, April 9, 2007

My Talented Mother!

We had a fabulous Easter! The weather was beautiful, I felt inspired at church, and my children looked so adorable thanks in part to my wonderful mother! My mom made the girls the greatest Easter dresses and purses to match. I was loving the navy and pink for spring, and my mom was willing to make Taylor and Kate matching dresses in these colors. They turned out amazing! Jackson was also quite a stud in his tie and shirt from Gymboree. I am so blessed with such a beautiful and talented mom! In case anyone would like custom made dresses just give her a call at this number.............................. Just kidding! Thank you Mom!

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Kristen said...

your kids are the cutest! and your mom IS the best. love those dresses - your kids are getting so big.
did you find a yummy lemon cake to make? sorry I never got back to you in time...