Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spring is here!

It was 75 degrees today in Las Vegas, and absolutely gorgeous! Spring time is the greatest; the sun stays out longer, flowers start to bloom, and everybody's outside. Here are a few things that make me excited about Spring. Children's clothes are from: (dress: Gymboree , skirt: Mini Boden, shorts: Mini Boden, tie: Children's Place - only $7.50)

These plates form Rosanna definitely give me a bit of Spring Fever...

White pants are for the brave, super clean, never have little dirty hands around you kind of people; but for Spring I think they are fabulous! I am especially excited about the wide leg coming back.... they are so flattering, they definitely look better on me than the skinny jean. And these navy peep toe shoes are the perfect Spring shoe. Both can be found at Shop bop

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aaron said...

love the new blog, jennie!

I love all your cool/cute things you have posted - those pants and shoes are really cute. too bad it is only 10 degrees here today - I won't be wearing shoes like that for months.

SEVENTY-FIVE in vegas???? man, you're lucky!