Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Craft of the Week

I was feeling a little bored on Sunday and decided to decorate my little girl's American Apparel tank top. I cut out some old scraps of Amy Butler fabric that I had and with the "Heat Bond" fusible interfacing I ironed them on the shirt to make a peacock (or what was supposed to be a peacock). The interfacing I used was extra strength, and it said it didn't require sewing, but I may sew a small straight stitch around the edges. It was a really fun quick project and I have already been thinking of some other designs I would like to try!


Lindsey said...

Love your blog... and love these gorgeous shirts. So mean and green of you to recycle scraps.


heidi jo said...

good job jennie. this looks saweet. approved. and so you did end up getting the mj bag!? i am so proud of you. he has a new one this spring called the HEIDI bag, i dont think i really have a choice BUT to get it, im sure you'll agree.

oh and check out my friends blog you'll like it.