Tuesday, March 10, 2009


my grandma turned 90 on sunday. what an accomplishment! grandma is an example of thoughtfulness, strength, positivity, kindness, self-discipline, and love. my grandpa passed away over 10 years ago and grandma still wakes up every morning (even if she won't be going anywhere), gets dressed (in her nice clothes), puts her shoes on and makes a healthy breakfast for herself. her house is immaculate, all of the antiques are in pristine condition and the routine she has set for herself is one of the things i would attribute to her longevity. grandma is super witty and can always make us laugh, sometimes it amazes me how quick she is to come back at one of my dad's teases which makes it easy to see where he gets his sense of humor.

she reminisced on the days of my dad as a boy and how much food she would have to make for him, she talked about her husband (my grandpa) and what an amazing track star he was in college. i could see how much she missed him. she told me how grandpa's dad was 6'4" and her dad was 6'2" and maybe that is where kate and amy got their height from. she laughed when she saw her cake and said we should probably turn off the smoke alarm.

grandma loved having her family there and she kept reminding us to come visit more. i am upset with myself for not taking more time in recent years to visit. i know how much it means to her and i equally enjoy hearing the stories, and learning all that she has gained from a remarkable 90 years. like the quote says, " the only way to make the future better, is by learning from the past," (or something like that)

i'm going to visit more, i am going to make sure my children learn from such an outstanding woman who they call "great-grandma." my children are lucky enough to have 3 great- grandfathers and 3 great-grandmothers, and now it's time for them to realize just how lucky they are.

happy 90th grandma. can't wait to visit more.

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