Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the reader.

Kate is our reader.  This girl seriously LOVES to read.  Right now she is into Harry Potter, kind of obsessively into Harry Potter. It's quite adorable if you ask me.  Her last obsession was the American Girl Series, and before that it was something else.

How do you get children to read?  Luckily this isn't a parenting blog, because I am sure this answer would be considered very wrong, but in my humble opinion, you bribe, BRIBE and bribe some more.  (I apologize in advance to those who don't like that answer.)  Kate liked to read but throw in "Read 50 chapter books and get an ipod touch"  and now she loves to read.  Sometimes you just need a little motivation.  I know I do.  I tell myself, every 5 pounds closer to my goal weight, I get a new lululemon article of clothing (or 2).  So if I bribe myself, why can't I bribe my kids?  Taylor had to read 10 novels to get an old iphone's service turned on... it worked, and I think having that sense of accomplishment works even if it takes a little... dare I say it... bribing.

I believe I got off topic, but in summary, I love seeing my Kate reading all of the time and being passionate about something I have always loved as well.

Kate's most recent pick from the library:  TEN RULES FOR LIVING WITH MY SISTER  - I found this rather amusing.

When Kate finished her 50 chapter books for an ipod Touch goal last year.  

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