Friday, October 15, 2010

the low down.

Sorry for the lack of posting... I have been quite the slacker. It's amazing the time that 3 kids, Levi "the destructor," working, house stuff, and church stuff takes (it takes all of it...)

We have had a great couple weeks. I have learned a lot about the things that are important to me and the things that shouldn't matter so much. I have been working a ton, which I am so grateful for! I really love what I am doing and couldn't have a better time doing it.

Our house has definitely suffered from me being gone more. We went to a "Mock Emergency" activity put on by our church, and when we came home I said, "Run everyone, it's real!! There has been an earthquake and a tornado in our home!" No one thought it was very funny.

Really though... it's bad.

I photographed a wedding last Saturday, and I am lucky enough to photograph one tomorrow too. I love watching lovebirds on their big day.

Kate had her first "hot lunch" yesterday, and now wants it everyday. (Eeeew)

Taylor is still dancing away and received an early Christmas Present of going to Sea Camp with the 5th grade (in March. ) I gave her the choice of it being her main Christmas present if she wanted to go. She decided that was what she wanted. (- Yay, check one thing off the Christmas list!:)

Jackson is playing soccer, inventing strange things, and still has trouble putting socks and shoes on in the morning.

Levi is crazy, nuts, wild, and so adorable that no one gets that he is a naughty troublemaker. He knows how to unlock the front door and head outside, he knows how to get down cereal and somewhat pour it into a bowl, and he has a talent for screaming like a wild animal when he wants something. He is overly obsessed with cars, and has now watched the movie CARS for the 5,000th time. Gotta love him.

Chad and I continue the daily grind and do our best to get the kids to bed as soon as possible so we can watch Tivoed Saturday Night Lives and Modern Family.

And that's the low down.


Kristie Holland said...

I found your blog through our mutual friends Brad and Kristen Mainor. Your style is so refreshing and your photography skills are out of this world. Today's post was so cute. Is the top picture your youngest son? I love the studio look. You must have a studio in your home. Strange as it may sound I feel like I have found an old friend.

JENNIE! said...

Thanks Kristie!! You are too kind! Yes, that is my little man and I am lucky he looked at the camera for a second:) So nice to meet you through the blog world:)!

Amy Jones said...

I dare you to add another notice how I often I blog now? Like never. I love the updates from you tho