Thursday, July 22, 2010

the lake.

thanks to our friends that we tend to mooch off of way too often, we got to go to the Lake. Chad grew up on the lake and it's been a couple years since we've gone, so we jumped at the chance. It was close to 300 degrees outside, but other than that we had a fabulous time. Levi loved his lake debut and has since mastered the cannon ball with no swimming capabilities and has turned me into a nervous nellie... (grampa stacy.... please put the gate up.... hint hint.)

the kiddos tubed and ate large amounts of licorice and food, and we enjoyed the beautiful waters and mountains. taylor continued giving me heart failure when chad dared her to jump off a cliff. i will forever call it a "paralyze jump" thanks to a speaker I heard once. let's not do that again please.

it even rained as we were leaving.... that never happens. the kids were all so exhausted by the time we made the drive back home that no one said a word and they were up to their beds faster than lightning. chad and I watched "Invention of Lying" because it was on HBO. I thought it was pretty clever. (actually chad slept and pretended he wasn't every time I said his name.)

hope we make it back to the lake soon, it made our week.


Grama Linda said...

It looks like so much fun...glad you all got to go. Those are some great pictures Jennie!

Alexis said...

Essential Summertime. I love how you caught it. I feel tanner just reading your post.