Wednesday, May 26, 2010

preschool grad and a missionary.

My little Katie Pie graduated from preschool today. I will be sending another child off to the world (well kindergarten) come September. I thought I would be relieved to just have one child at home for most the day... but I am not excited for this at all. Kate is my buddy and my helper, she seriously decides out of no where to organize the towel drawer. She entertains Levi (until he hurts her somehow) and she just brightens my day. Kate was awarded the "High Achiever Award" at her preschool graduation today. She loves learning and school, so I'm not surprised. Ms. Charlene, her preschool teacher has taught all of our kids so far and I truly believe there can't possibly be a better teacher out there. I am amazed what Kate has learned in just 2.5 hours twice a week.... (she knows all of her presidents!) Congrats to my graduate!

At about the same time as Kate was graduating preschool, my baby sister Ally went to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Utah to start her mission for the LDS church. She will be gone for 1.5 years!!!! Gosh I'm gonna miss her. I have already written her a letter, and so has Taylor. I can't quite figure out my emotions, but Ally is way more of a big sister than a little sister and she will really touch some lives in Houston.

Dad and Ally... what a beautiful, emotional picture. (taken by mom)

.... So I need time to slow down for Kate so she can stop growing up so fast and time to speed up so Ally can come home speedy quick.... figure that one out.

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marykaye said...

Glad to have Ally coming to Texas! (we're in Dallas- maybe they'll transfer up here;) She'll be so great!

Happy preschool-graduation!