Friday, January 8, 2010

snow time.

we had a fabulous time in Park City after Christmas. some friends offered up their beautiful home for us to come visit. it's probably hard to believe, but was I actually dragged there kicking and screaming. i had so much to do, so much to clean, so much to catch up on and levi + travel + snow = crazy mom. chad dragged me and "levi the terror" along and when all is said and done, i have to swallow my pride and admit that we had a great time. chad knew i would too, so it is a good thing he can put up with my whining....

{ here's a couple of pictures taken with my new little "point and shoot" camera chad got me for christmas. i have to have one in my purse, so i don't miss anything!}

levi lasted a whole 3 minutes in the snow... before he fell over and wanted back inside.

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