Friday, October 9, 2009

just make stuff.

i've been "doing it." making stuff, cooking stuff, doing stuff, and not just thinking about stuff. (that sentence would be a 2nd grade teacher's nightmare).

Here are a few of the projects I "did":

Andrea had a much anticipated craft night and we made Halloween banners. Check her's out on her blog, it's awesome. and here is mine:

I revamped or should i say "revampired" haa haa haa... an old rustic clock and "spookified" a family picture on photoshop (look closely)

Jackson had a project of his own this week, which he was mighty proud of...

I have also been doing a lot of photo shoots recently, maybe it's the amazing 80 degree weather. Here are a few of a true beauty... inside and out. (there are more on the photo blog)

I have many more projects and ideas that are underway... we'll see how long i can stay focused. I must say it is really nice starting and finishing things, I think I could get used to this...


brooke said...

All of the stuff you made is amazing. I can't believe people as talented as you actually exist in the world.

And the girl you photographed--she is a senior? Holy cow she is beautiful--beautiful pictures.

jill said...

I LOVE your Halloween decorations!! I also think it's so clever and cute how you turned your family into the "Adams Family."

The Senior picture was fabulous! She looks beautiful thanks to genetics and you. Great job!

Andrea said...

Woot for doing! Your banner looks great. And I LOVELOVELOVELOVE Jacksons Haunted House. That's as good as anything I've seen for sale. I am going to copy that idea and have my kids make one. He did a fabulous job!

MIMOM2 said...

Love it! Great job! Photoshop skills are amazing!!