Monday, September 21, 2009


last weekend, chad embarked on his 5th time on the LOTOJA race. A 206 mile road bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. i would be a liar, if i told you how much i loved his dedication to doing well on this race, his 15 hours a week of "training" and his 9 hour bike rides on Saturday, cause I just plain don't. Actually IT DRIVES ME MAD.

-But, that being said, although I wasn't there cheering him on, carrying a sign, and giving him water, I am a proud wife. he finished 8th in his category with his best time ever of 10 hours flat. i'm proud, i'm glad he did it, i'm glad it's over. i may be a lousy wife in this aspect, but i haven't forbid it.... yet...., so i think i'm being pretty darn tolerant of the whole thing.

i'm glad he's home, and i'm proud he's mine.


The Facers said...

I agree and understand. Kip is and has been riding dirt bikes since I have met him and has also had some good spills and a broken bone or two. Lets just say it is not our favorite topic in the house either, but when race day comes you can't help but feel proud.

brooke said...

Congrats to Chad on his great time. That is amazing. My husband is a cyclist too though he hasn't done Lotoja yet. (He is doing a marathon in two weeks so that is consuming him right now.) My husband spends a lot of time "training" on his bike and doing long rides on Saturdays. I just tell myself I'm glad this is his hobby and not hunting, or video games, etc.

But you're a good wife.