Friday, July 24, 2009

dates with daughters.

over the weekend, tay and I had a date to the david archuletta, demi lovato concert. i surprised her with an early birthday present and we went with two of her BFF's and their awesome mamma to the concert. what a blast! however, i am still sick at the fact that I didn't bring a camera. I thought for sure they wouldn't let me bring it inside, and I don't have a little one (next thing I buy for sure is a little camera, no more missing unforgettable moments). We were on the floor and had great seats, but more importantly the way Tay and her friends were dancing and singing was so adorable I wish i could put it into words. they made a sign, were screaming at the top of there lungs, and dancing with out a care in the world. i loved watching them even more than the concert. wish i had pictures, but these before the concert shots will have to do.

kate was so excited for her daddy daughter date that she planned her outfit, hair and shoes from the moment she woke up. she kept saying, "Daddy, don't I look beautiful for our date. This is such a special day. " They went to the movies and saw Ice Age and then to Yogurt Land for ice cream. I'm sure everyone was jealous off Chad's fancy little date.

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kristenita said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like such a fun night.