Friday, June 12, 2009

my man's birthday.

today is my chadly's birthday. right now he is off on something he LOVES... his bike. he left at 5:00am for a 6 hour bike ride which seriously amazes me. last night we went out to dinner with his lifelong vegas friends and brothers and today he will be the king of the house and we are his servants. (tradition for birthdays around here).

i am always learning new things i love about my man. here are a few:

- he is "excited" about everything. excited about work, life, biking, the iphone, new soap, friends, family, organizing the garage, and generally everything. his excitement is infectious which contributes to his 5 gazillion friends.

- he doesn't know how to be depressed. i really think he has never felt depressed for a second. sad, yes. never depressed.

- he recognizes his own faults and talks about wanting to do better and change things he doesn't like about himself.

- he is a poster child for "positive thinking."

- he can make the best filet mignon i have ever had. (as good as Ruth Chris)

- he loves everyone. he loves me the most, but he loves everyone else too.

- he has never had a problem changing diapers. he even had to teach me when taylor was born.

- he says "tocar la guitarra" with the greates rolled "r's" and makes me laugh every time.

- he just gets better with age.

happy birthday mi amor.

this is a picture from when chad was on the show "21 Jumpstreet."

.... okay he was never really on the show, but doesn't he look like he could have been?


kristenita said...

Happy birthday, chad!! Hope it's a great day & I hope you tocarrrrrrr la guitarrrrrrrrrra lots. Haha! Love it!

Misty said...

*giggle* about the 21 jumpstreet comment. You sound so in love! :)

Jek said...

Happy Birthday to the guy that has always been the "COOLEST" and will always be the "COOLEST"!!

Grama Linda said...

Happy Birthday Chadly.
You are definitely COOL and awesome and sweet and hard working and everything that goes with cool...but best of all you love my little girl and she loves you...