Monday, June 8, 2009

last day. pink day. show day.


last day of school! the kids could barely sleep the night before because they were SO excited. they both had a great year with fabulous teachers.


In honor of my Grami's birthday, I have declared every June 5th for the rest of forever.... "Pink Day." We wore pink, made pink smoothies, had cupcakes with pink frosting and recognized everything that was pink (Grami's all time favorite color) We talked about all the things we love about Grami and our special memories. Kate told me that she just can't wait for the next Pink Day.

GND show:

Fun as ever... love seeing all the talent everywhere.


more editing of photo shoots


Courtney said...

wow jennie!! i am so impressed with your photography, i'd think you've been doing it for years & years. natural talent!

jill said...

Seriously beautiful Jennie! You're one VERY talented lady!

jill said...

One more thing, Jackson's school teacher looks SO familiar, is she LDS?

JENNIE! said...

jill, i don't think she's LDS..

amy.elise. said...

your photography is stunning. i'll pay you to be my teacher. no, but really.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Do I detect a little aging gracefully on some of those? :) I love that action.