Friday, May 1, 2009

happy happy birthday mother dear.

today is mom's birthday. happy birthday mom! now, i could go on and on and tell you how great my mom is, but you still probably wouldn't really get it. i think i will tell you a story instead:

Rewind back to 1996 as i was busy getting ready for the Senior Prom. Everything was going perfectly. The "up-do" was in tact, the light blue dress was pressed, and my little "necessities" purse was all ready. Mom had the camera ready... (that's who i get the photography 'bug' from), and all was under control. My date pulls up and gets the corsage out..... WHAT... it wasn't a wrist corsage? My mind starts racing, "What do I? NO ONE wears a 'pin on' corsage! MY NIGHT IS RUINED, MY LIFE IS OVER, HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE THIS?" (the capital letters represent the ridiculousness of an over-reacting 17-year-old)

Instead my manners took over and I held it and said, "Oh, what a
beautiful corsage," as I turned and showed it to my mom with a slight nod. Mom said, "Yes, it is so beautiful! Do you mind if I go into the other room and take a picture of it?" The date was a little confused, but rather clueless and said "sure."

Mom ran into the other room, whipped out some elastic, some needle and thread and turned that "pin on" corsage into a beautiful wrist corsage in a couple of minutes. She brought it back out, my date put it on my wrist, (never knowing what went on) and off we went for Senior Prom.

THAT'S just a snippet of how
great my mom is.

happy happy birthday.


brooke said...

What a great story! Your mom is amazing and I will hate her if that is her in the picture--no way she looks that good.

JENNIE! said...

Oh yes that's her. My teachers at schol would always say how beautiful she was. And were quite jealous.:)

Jek said...

Awesome story!! Who was your date? i dreamt that i was going to marry Kenny Baxter last night!

Amy Jones said...

you're mother is a stinkin genius.

JENNIE! said...

kenny baxter jek...? wait aren't you married?:) I'm pretty sure it was when i went to Clark's senior prom with lance Pherson.