Wednesday, April 22, 2009

st. thomas.

and we're back.....

do you ever wonder how time can possibly go by so quickly? honestly. one minute we were planning our getaway, and the next minute i am home writing about it. how did that happen?

we had an amazing, fantastic, wonderful time on our "honeymoon," to St. Thomas (one of the U.S. Virgin Islands.)

it felt so good to be back in the Caribbean that i love so much. 11 years ago chad proposed to me on the beach of "Cabarete" in the Dominican Republic, so to be back on a Caribbean Island, enjoying the laid back lifestyle, and relaxing on breathtaking beaches was truly fabulous.

thanks to Marriott Rewards, the trip was nearly entirely paid for, which made it a whole lot easier to enjoy. we even sat through a 90 minute timeshare presentation so we could get a free sailing and snorkeling trip. when the salesman finished his presentation and asked,
"So, how do you feel about purchasing a time share?"
We simply said, "Seeing as we have no money, that would be impossible."
And he abruptly replied, "Then I have no reason to continue."
easy enough.

we rented a car and explored St. Thomas and then took the car on a ferry to St. John to do some more exploring. luckily, i trust chad completely when it comes to driving, because i think anyone else would have been going crazy. They drive on the left side of the road on the island, but the driver is still on the left. Also, nearly every road says "blind turn, caution, steep hill, watch for goats, dangerous turn" and there isn't a level road on the island. everything is up the mountain or straight down with a gazillion sharp turns. it was a blast. i think i only let out a scream once and we were able to see so much. one of the locals told us about the best look out point at the very edge of the island. we took our map and headed to it. when the paved road stopped i told chad we should just forget it, but chad kept trudging along in the trusty Toyota rental and we made it to what seemed like the end of the world. we were the only ones around, i don't think anyone else would have braved the roads, and it was gorgeous.

we also visited 2 beaches that are in the "TOP TEN" list for most beautiful beaches: Magan's Bay on St. Thomas and Trunk Bay on St. John.

pardon the "i nursed 4 babies" cleavage. not attractive. but i had to prove i was on the beach.

we went on a 5 mile hike on St. John through the reef bay trail. it was cool, but i felt like a wimp and chad was like a super hero. he was practically skipping up the steep hill. (punk.) it was definitely a beautiful hike though.

we sailed to "buck island" with our cool captain Mike, a californian guy who lives on his sail boat in St. Thomas. rough life. it was my first time on a sailboat and i thought it was fantastic, i'm ready to sell everything and sail around the world. now i just have to talk chad into it. Mike dropped us off at a reef to snorkel where we saw huge sea turtles. (you know you've seen Finding Nemo too many times when you're calling them "CRUSHES.") super fun and although i was worried about getting eaten by a shark, don't worry, i didn't.

we enjoyed ultra-fresh seafood and my very favorite, Caribbean food. there was a local, authentic restaurant called "Cuzzins" where I scarfed down some "platanos maduros" sweet plantains, (don't worry Kristen, I thought of you the whole time), some peas and rice and some tasty creole shrimp curry. mmmmm.... i also tried "grouper and conch" for the first time and had some tasty chocolate covered passion fruit and guava.

seeing how i love my space and alone time, i only got annoyed one time, (chad was impressed). at dinner i told him we should sit at separate tables for dinner or i could possibly jam a fork in his leg, but then he mentioned three sweet words, ben. and. jerry's., and i couldn't seem to remember what i was mad at. honestly, we really had a wonderful time with each other, and remembered "us," and how we really fit together. i always tell chad, "you SO love me right now." and he always says "yes, i do." well i SO love you too chadly.

i missed my children like crazy, but i was so grateful for our "celebration" and can't wait for the 15 year annivesary trip. Italy here we come!!!

aunt ally, aunt krista, mom, and grama teresa all helped with the kiddos. they actually didn't even miss us because of all the fun they had. ally took the brunt of the work and i think she has been cured from having any children for 100 more years. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!


Perry Family said...

what beautiful pictures! so glad you had a trip all to yourselves!

kristenita said...

aaaaah... el caribe, you lucky!! sounds like it was a great trip & thanks for thinking of me while you ate. I will get to tropical paradise that is the Caribbean soon I hope. (we have got to take that trip back to the DR soon. as long as we dont have to eat any lechoza, bleh!)
PS I think you look awesome in the swim suit pic, love the suit, your waist is teeny & el pecho is fine!!

Jek said...

OH so jealous. you don't even know! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

jill said...

What a fabulous trip!!! The pictures are beautiful and you and Chad look great! What a wonderful break from life, I'm very happy for you.

Lynds said...

That sounds so amazing.....I am jealous!

JENNIFRO said...

Just catching up with your blog...your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Well done. Darling kids.

rOmA :] :) said...

if I weren't so happy for your respite and adventures, I'd have to tell you that you stink again, so I won't. That is awesome!

Erin said...

First of all you look great in your lack of cleavage does not even look as good as yours and I have only nursed one! You look fabulous! I sure love those platanos maduros too!! They put an extra 10 lbs. on me while I was in the DR! I am glad you had such a great time! You deserve it!