Monday, February 23, 2009

double dates.

this weekend i had two dates with two different, terrific guys.

friday night:

who: me and jackson
where: color me mine and cold stone
why: every other week, i take one of the kids out, and the every other week, chad take's one of the kids out

i loved being with my jackson boy. i learn so much more about him when it is just one on one.

for instance:
-he has decided that he is going to be an inventor, an artist, and a soccer player when he grows up.
-his favorite ice cream is strawberry (but he decided on cotton candy at cold stone... he wanted kit kats mixed in, but that's where i drew the line)
- he loves being a gentleman. he made sure to open the door for me and take my coat.
- he is a storyteller
- he hopes he doesn't have to pay next week for the date, because he really wants more Pokemon cards, but he said when he is 10 he will pay.

i loved my little date with my little man.

saturday night:

me and my chadly
where: to eat at a steakhouse and to see MOSAIC (thanks andrew and allison!)
why: i like him.... a lot.

thanks to our friends who are smart enough to subscribe to HOUSE SEATS we had a great time on saturday seeing MOSAIC at the Hilton. Evidently they won MTV's Top Pop Group 2008 (a show I didn't know existed). They only use their voices to make the music and the instrument sounds. It was really cool, they are definitely a group of talented guys. One of few shows in Vegas where you could bring your kids, mom, grandparents without getting embarrassed.

thanks to both of my guys for a great weekend.


newbeginning said...

What is the name of the font used on your pictures?

newbeginning said...

Sorry, probably was not specific enough! What is the name of the font used on the pictures of your son Jackson on your entry "double dates"? Many thanks!

JENNIE! said...

It's a free font called "susie's hand" just google it and it will come up:)