Monday, January 19, 2009

let go.

for the past 3 years, taylor has been begging and pleading to get her hair cut. every time she has gone into the salon, i have some how managed to talk her out of it (even if it led to her tears in the end.) i figured that "i know what's best for her. i know what she really wants. everyone wants long hair, she'll be sad if she cuts it...etc. etc."

well, today i let it go.

i let taylor get her hair cut how she wanted. at first it was hard to see so much go, but then i looked at her reflection in the mirror and there she was with one of the biggest smiles imaginable. she was beyond joyous, beyond excited, and couldn't wipe the huge grin off her face. she got in the car and said, "i can't believe i really have short hair. this is the best day."

she looks beautiful as ever thanks to our wonderful hair dresser... (aunt Krista). i can't believe i made her wait so long to get what she wanted, {but if i didn't maybe she wouldn't have been so excited.}

i was happy for her and a little jealous too. she knew what she wanted, never looked back, and dealt with change like an old pro. i don't like change. never have. but today i learned a lesson from my little 8 year old. and tomorrow her hair will be a whole lot easier to brush out.

thank you taylor. thank you krista.


Ally Kay said...

Cute, Tay! And I'm proud of you, Jen. Miss you, fam!
Love you guys

Megan said...

It is darling! I hate change too--unless it is presidential :).

Amy Jones said...

girl, I have the opposite problem...i always want my girls' hair short, and of course they want to grow it. Taylor looks cute. Welcome to the land of the short haired!