Thursday, December 18, 2008

this is a first.

Las Vegas SNOW!
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today my kids didn't go to school. were they sick you ask? no. did we go on vacation? no. did i have a fun outing planned and just wanted to keep them home? no, no, no. (i had a LOT to do today while they were supposed to be in school)


in all of my 30 years of living in las vegas, i have never heard of a snow day. and today we had it. all of our utah relatives laugh at us, and people living here that are from michigan think its hillairious, but yes.... we had a snow day.

thank you snow for gracing our valley with all of your beautiful white glory i have thoroughly enjoyed it, but now you can go back home, back to where you belong away from my desert. i have way too much to do, and i didn't account for bad weather.

good bye snow.

see you in another 30 years when i'm a grama, i'm sure my grandkids will love it.

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