Tuesday, December 23, 2008

jackson's list.

every year we await the announcement of Jackson's Christmas Wish List
and we are never disappointed.

~when jackson was 3, he wanted a whale. yes, a whale. (santa obliged and gave him "the smallest baby whale on the planet")

when jackson was 4, he wanted hooks and ropes to climb mountains with and a magic wand.

when jackson was 5, he wanted a "toy maker machine" and more ropes and hooks to climb mountains with.

jackson is now 6 and here is his list:

1. an invisible blanket ( like the kind on Harry Potter that makes you invisible when you put it on you)

2. a machine that turns fake money into real money (don't we all)

3. a bed made out of candy ( he says, "that way if i want some candy in the night, i don't even have to get up.")

4. and more hooks and ropes to climb mountains with.... of course.

i am sure santa is going to have a lot of fun getting you everything on your list...

1 comment:

Jeremiah Nielson said...

this is too funny because just the other day i was thinking of your post last year and how he wanted a "toy maker." i thought that was the greatest! i wondered what he wanted this year, so thank-you for the post. such a creative boy.

have a great christmas, courtney :)