Monday, November 3, 2008


we have moved out of the old house, and into the new.
the house is still a construction zone, and i think i'm getting the flu.
i am sitting on a box working on chad's computer.
in my family room is a pink barbie scooter.
my email isn't working; the gas didn't get hooked up,
i'm missing my MAC and i've had enough.
halloween was great, pictures to follow,
i need a hot shower... maybe tomorrow?
it will be worth it, i know it will;
i'm just hoping i get through it without needing a pill.
adios to you all, sweet dreams and good night,
i'm off to my dusty bed to close my eyes tight.
as grouchy as i sound i'm grateful for a home,
for a wonderful family and for this silly poem.
for my kiddos, my husband, good chocolate and guacamole,
i'm finishing this now before it gets too boring...

(i must be losing it... i just wrote a poem about my move?)


Jena said...

Awesome poem, Jennie! I don't think I could have that much creativeness while sitting on a box with chaos all around! Congrats on the move!

Andrea said...

At least I know now why you email wasn't working. Is it now? If so, email me. :)
And I LOVE your stairs. Very tempted to copy... and have Chad do it. Ha!