Thursday, October 23, 2008


i'm tired.

today... in order:

i got tay and jax ready for school, sent them off for their ride.
drove kate and her imaginary friend "alli" to preschool.
played tennis while levi watched. (what an angel)
picked up kate and "alli" from preschool.
came home to get kate's dance clothes and pack lunch.
went to the park.
drove kate and olivia and "alli" to dance class.
came home for 20 minutes to change.
picked up tay and jax from school.
dropped off the other carpool kids.
drove jackson to a halloween party.
took olivia home.
had 20 minutes at home for taylor to get ready for dance.
drove taylor to her ride for dance.
picked up jackson from his halloween party.
drove to the new house to see how it was coming.
dropped kate, "alli" and jax off with chad at the new house (he's working so hard), so I could pick up all the girls from dance.
drove 30 minutes to dance, picked up the girls and took them home.
went to the new house to pick up kate, "alli" and jax.
drove home.
made dinner.
did homework, reading, baths and bed.
sang levi some lullabies, gave him a bath and massage (well deserved) and put him to bed.
cleaned up the kitchen and family room.
vented on the blog so that people will feel sorry for my insane "day in the life of jennie."

o.k. i'm done now.
i am going to bed as fast as my feet will take me. (which is not fast at all)


Perry Family said...

Sounds like a very busy day! Hope you get a great night's sleep and that tomorrow is much better! :)

Grama Linda said...

Oh honey... you make me tired! I think I am going to bed...after reading your post you wore me out!
You do "Busy Mom" beautifully

Anonymous said...

Oh my word - what a day. No wonder you are so skinny - you have no right to look that good after just having a baby!

Megan said...

totally tired just reading it! We missed you at BC last night.

kristenita said...

that made me tired. and made me feel REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY LAZY.

Andrea said...

Yikes. Those are hard days. I think it's good you recorded it so one day you'll be able to prove it when you wonder if you really were as busy as you think you were. Yes, you WERE. And you're awesome.

Cami said...

Thanks for making me feel better and like I'm not the only one. Sadly in my busy days I manage to accomplish very little at by the time John gets home, I'm exhausted and it looks like I haven't done anything. If they only knew....